For Charles it is not a question of whether you paid a little or a lot for you jewelry, but rather if it evokes beautiful sentiments, then it is his pleasure to restore it. His dedication to his craft has kept his clients coming back and referring their family and friends. Charles has always been creating intricate and beautiful things. As a child in his native Caribbean isle, he sculpted jewelry out of wood and coral. His grandfather, was a famed jewelry merchant, and so Charles followed in the family tradition. Always drawn to complex adornments, Charles went to school for watch making and became a horologist.

“If it evokes sentiment then it is priceless…” 

His first employment was at HL Gross & Brothers Jewelers in Manhattan in the late 70’s. He admits that, “It was in a class by itself. I had a chance to work with very high end watches.” His clients were mostly from  the New York Stock Exchange. He had them marveling at his ability to repair complicated time pieces in a timely fashion. His work was a novelty... As if performing open surgery on the spot, while his clients would observe the intricacy of their watches.

“….30 Years as a watchmaker and gemologist”

Charles laments that, “Clients have complications with their watches and they do not know how to solve them because the average shop will not educate them on their time piece.” To this day Charles will always take the time to speak to any lover of  watches about anything. From mechanical time pieces, to Quartz or Accutron technology, all of which he is specialized in.

“...A  purveyor of certified diamonds of all sizes”

Charles also attended the Gemology Institute of America where he learned all about precious stones. From there on he worked with Kester Jewelers and later in the early 80’s he opened his own store on Wall Street.

He remains the jeweler and watch maker of choice in his exclusive neighborhood...